about me

I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University, and Himan Brown Faculty Fellow in the Jewish Studies Program there. 

My main research interests lie in the history of metaphysics and the history of philosophy of mind. Right now I'm particularly interested in problems surrounding idealism, intentionality, and panpsychism. My published work has focused on early modern philosophy, especially Spinoza, Cavendish, and Descartes

I am also the Associate Editor of the Philosophical Review; a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of the History of Philosophy; a Board Member of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as a co-editor for the 17th century; and the Spinoza editor for PhilPapers

some news!

My 2022 article in the Journal of the History of Philosophy, “Representation and Mind-Body Identity in Spinoza’s Philosophy,” is in the Philosopher's Annual for 2022!