I teach classes on early modern philosophy, late 19th/early 20th century philosophy (especially British Idealism), continental philosophy (especially German and French phenomenology), philosophy of art, philosophical theology, and Jewish philosophy.

Some of my past undergraduate courses:

God, Self and World (a thematic introduction to the history of metaphysics)

Nature and the Good

Philosophy of the Arts

Origins of 20th Century Philosophy: Phenomenology, Pragmatism, Idealism

Kant: The Critique of Pure Reason

Introduction to Jewish Thought (interdisciplinary, co-taught)

Moses to Modernity: Introduction to Jewish Philosophy

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Metaphysics

Topics in Continental Philosophy: Heidegger's Being and Time

Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

Topics in Modern Philosophy: Causality

Topics in Modern Philosophy: Idealism and Panpsychism

Topics in Early Modern Philosophy: Leibniz

Topics in Early Modern Philosophy: The Rise and Fall of Metaphysics

Topics in Early Modern Philosophy: Mind

Some of my past graduate courses:

The Principle of Sufficient Reason

Being and Nothing

The Metaphysics of Leibniz and Spinoza (co-taught)

Mind and Intellect, Past and Present (co-taught)

Early Modern Women Philosophers

Spinoza on Mind

Mind, Action, Emotion: Then and Now (co-taught)

Spinoza's Philosophy

The Early Spinoza

I'm also very proud of this guy!